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Sponsors Make Dreams Come True

Sponsors make dreams come true for all people. 

We love sponsors and value them so we not only offer packages but we offer many perks. 

Sponsorship Packages

 All packages are priced at one year. 

Please pick a package and an amount to start. 

 The Wildflower 

Personalized Thank you card
Discounted Vendor table at our sponsored events Models and appearance to your events

100-250  The Poppy 

Perks of wildflower package plus Free vendor table at events Early notice of all events Discount event tickets  

250-500  The Daisy 

Perks of poppy package plus Picture of events and progress 

500.00-1000  The Sunflower 

Perks of Daisy package plus
Free vendor advertising on our events 

1,000-5000  The Hyacinth 

Perks of sunflower package plus
You can provide company logo giveaways at events 

5,000 -10,000  The Carnation 

 Perks of Hyacinth package plus You can provide your company logo giveaways at events and speaking time at events will be considered

10,000-25,000  The Lily

 Perks of carnation package plus
Name on sign at all events
You can speak at our events about your company 

25,000-50,000  The Orchid 

Perks of lily package plus
Specific Thank you add in local paper
Verbal thank you at all events
Posters/plaque on our building main indoor wall 

50,000-100,00"  The Tulip 

Perks of orchid package plus
Name printed on all our promotional items Framed award & Photos for your office 

100,000-500,000  The Rose 

Perks of tulip package plus
Yearly sponsor appreciation event invite Newspaper add thank you
Radio add thank you for all event advertising 500,000 

500,000- Higher  The Willow 

Perks of rose package plus personalized framed gown from a past event for display as well as VIP luncheon with models.


Sponsors Change The World

Contact us for ways to be involved and help change the world.