Get A Dream

Dreams Do Come True

Butterfly Dress Project is so excited and blessed to be able to provide to all in need.

Getting a dream to come true is simple and easy.

We have no income requirements and no application fees.  

You only need to be in need. 


1.  All participants must be in need and take our etiquette and safety class. This will cover basic safety for events as well as domestic violence awareness, the impact of minimum drug and alcohol use, peer  pressure, the power of the word no, and even fun creative tips for  fashion, beauty and how to be elegant in any setting.

2. All participants must sign and agree a no phones while driving contract as well as a stay safe and sober contract.

3.  All participants must show valid ID of some form. This can be a school ID, current school schedule, letter from a school official, or even  sports or extra curricular activity ID (like a t-shirt with your name)  All participants will need a photo ID. (School ID qualifies)

4.  All participants must sign and agree to a photo, video, media use  contract for our advertising, social media and publications use.

5.  All participants must be kind, and respectful to anyone involved  including all volunteer, speakers, officers, security, helpers, fashion  and beauty reps, other participants and their families and friends, and  most importantly yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I have to pay?

The best things in life are free.

If  you meet all the prerequisites there is no charge to you for any  product or service. You will get a dress, accessories, hairstyle, makeup  tips, samples, and much more.
* No cost to you unless you do a separate transaction with a fashion or beauty consultant for their product. *

Is there a limit or rules to what I can get?

Participants  will be allowed to receive items of their choice, plus one pair of  shoes, and even accessories, all chosen by participant with the help of  their fashion consultant and hairstyle options with make-up look  designed by beauty and hair consultants.

*All dependent on available items, and first come first serve.*

Does Butterfly Dress Project have more than one branch?

At  the current time we do not have more than one branch. We serve the Las  Cruces area as well as anyone in need who can come to us.

Our goal is to expand into new areas as we can.